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Sunday Writers Night Auditions

PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST EITHER A) BE A MEMBER OF NSAI OR B) LIVE WITHIN 100 MILES OF NASHVILLE, TN TO BE ELIGIBLE TO AUDITION! PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU DO NOT MEET ONE OF THESE CRITERIA OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.You must be in line outside The Bluebird no later than 10:30 a.m. to check in. You will perform in the order you arrive. Please be on time, you will not be included in the audition if you arrive after 10:30 a.m.Plan to play one verse and one chorus of one original song that YOU wrote (or co-wrote.) Excessively long instrumental intros and endings are not to your advantage as you have about one minute of total time to audition.Due to the large volume of songwriters, and the size of the room, particularly with 60 instruments, we insist that you do not bring anyone to wait with you in line or to watch your audition as space is limited.Please bring your own guitar with a strap (as you will be standing.) You can plug in or we can mic your guitar. If you're plugging in, please check your pickup battery!!Thanks to Kawai, we now have a house keyboard, which will be ready for your use. Please do not bring your own, as there is limited space and it WILL NOT be used!Absolutely NO BACKING TAPES!Plan on being at The Bluebird for three hours minimum.If you need to cancel, you must call/email in advance (by no later than 4pm the Friday before your audition date) in order to attend a future audition. No call - no shows are not allowed to re-schedule an audition.Please DO NOT leave your trash outside on the ground or on the floor of the club.Although solos are preferred, you may have a maximum of three people on stage.NO drum sets or kits.When you begin your audition, please state your name, where you are from, and the title of the song you will perform.Please do not add any additional information, as we ask everything we want to know during the sign-up process.There is no smoking inside The Bluebird.Do not leave when you are done performing, please quietly sit back down and don't disrupt the next writer’s audition. We will take breaks to allow groups to leave.PLEASE BE ON TIME!!!If you are chosen to play on our Sunday Night Writers’ Showcase, you will be notified via email within a few weeks and scheduled to play in about six to eight months. Please do not call to find out how you did. Good Luck... Keep writing! And remember, this will not make or break your career. We'll see you soon!Signups begin on Friday, September 29th at 11am CST.

Event Date: 
Sunday, January 21, 2018 - 4:30am

Door Time: 
10:30 AM